CeDe -Handefeeding Baby food 1kg


Hand rearing food

CéDé Hand Rearing is ideal food for the hand rearing of large parakeets and parrots and is also ideal for providing supplementary feeding to young birds in the nest.  It is an easily digestible food based entirely on eggs, which contains all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients and amino acids to help young birds grow smoothly and develop


Provide a few drops of hand-warm water (37°C boiled and cooled) on the selection day.  Then start giving CéDé® Hand Rearing according to the scheme below. Always prepare CéDé® Hand Rearing with hand-warm water!  In the beginning spout out a thin pap, then, as the young birds get older, make the pap increasingly thicker.  Make sure that the bird’s crop is nearly empty between two feedings.

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