Topic 20 – Bringing Baby Parrot Home

Precaution to take when you bring a baby parrot home.

Since I rescued parrots, I have seen quite a few parrot babies dead this year. I have decided to educate human parents so we can eliminate deaths in parrot babies.

Here are some of the most common precautions which we do not think it matters for baby parrots but it does.

Here are few examples and facts for my viewers which I have seen through my experience: 

-Please buy a weaned baby parrot but if you do buy one please learn to hand feed it from the person you buy the baby parrot from and feed them till the baby parrot is comfortable eating by him. Do not over feed the baby parrot and let the crop or stomach empty before you feed the baby parrot and parrot again otherwise that will become a sour crop and that is how inexperienced human parents lose the new baby.

-Always sterilize the hand feeding utensils every time, always make fresh hand feeding formula, and also wash the bowls from the cage very well everyday if you do not, bacteria get in there and birds get sick with infection.

-If you have a rope toy in the cage and you notice the baby parrot chewing on the rope- they will swallow the thread and that thread will get stuck in the stomach and it will die. Please throw it away and buy him a new toy, better yet buy him a wood toy since the baby parrot wants to chew a lot. Also sometimes the baby parrots get their head stuck in the cage or in some of the small toys, they can choke and die like this. Sometimes the baby parrots will get their toes stuck in the cage and the owner would not realize it is too late and they lose the foot or toe, be careful what toys you buy for the baby parrot.

If the Baby parrot is out of his cage please watch him, he will get into things just like a human baby, watch for the computer keyboard, mouse and wires.

They love to chew a pen, marker or pencil, especially an eraser that is very harmful to them, sometimes deadly.

Baby parrots are attracted to household plants especially to the soil, human parents think that the soil is good for them, yes, but not this soil, it has too much fertilizers and chemicals and it is very deadly for the baby parrot.

Please do not smoke in the house with the baby parrot he will get sick just like a human baby, he will not show till he is very sick, watch for the signs.

Please do not feed the parrot baby any soft drink example coke, Pepsi, wine, hot chocolate, candy etc, he will love it but it is very deadly for him.

Do not feed the baby parrot with your mouth, human saliva is very deadly for the baby parrot, baby parrot loves it but he does not know better.

Baby Parrots can get a draft or feel cold, please do not keep them near the window or doorway where there is air flow. Some people have a habit of opening their front door and back door to let the stale air out and get fresh air, to circulate the air in their house. If that is the case, the baby parrot should be away from the doorway; it is very deadly for him.

Sometimes it is very important to know that any bird cannot see in the dark. Please do not let your baby parrot fly in the dark if they do, they do not know where to land they can injure themselves. Common injury is when they hit their head it is called a concussion, it is deadly for him.

Please after 7 pm cover the cage with a sheet or whatever you have so the Baby Parrot goes to sleep. He needs his sleep very important, one quick note: do not cover the whole cage, only cover half the cage they do get up in the night to eat.

When you feed your baby parrot especially fruits, the fruits always have stickers on them please take that sticker out they can choke on that sticker and it is deadly for them.

Here are some of the facts which I have seen through my experiences, if you all want any advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.