Topic 19 – Forced Breeding

As you all know my favourite parrot is Quaker, I rescued a beautiful Quaker 2 months ago, she was a super tame Quaker who was sold to someone who put her in a breeding program and it did not work. As a result, I rescued her now and I have her here in Central Aviary, and have decided to educate people.

When you bring a parrot home it is like bringing home a new born baby, you love them and take care of them so much. Parrots themself think that they are humans, they will molt few times which means all their feathers will fall off and beautiful new feathers will come when they reach the maturity, they will go into hormonal changes just like a young teenager and they get very confused and do not know how to handle this situation. As a human parent you will have to give them lots of love and support, this does not mean they are ready to breed. Pet parrot does not know what breeding or raising babies is, they are domesticated birds all they know their flock family which is human family, if they were living in the wild in a flock then they will learn from their Parrot family how to breed.

Most of the time human parents think that hormonal changes will be fixed by breeding that is not true at all. When you put them with a breeder parrot it is like you are choosing a partner for a teenager parrot, they are so shocked and stressed, they think that at the time when they need you most you deserted him or her. During breeding time, pet parrots are abused and bullied by the breeders and breeding does not work at all. As a result, pet parrots get so confused they cannot relate to humans or parrots at all. It is very sad to see these lovely parrots in such a miserable condition. I have rescued so many pet parrots and have seen so many pet parrots in such a bad situation.

If you want a pet parrot to breed you will have to start when they are young and also let them choose their partners, when they are happy then you are happy. At CENTRAL AVAIRY all our breeders are our Pet Family as a matter of fact when it is the breeding season our pet breeders are actually happy to show their babies to us and they tell us when we are allowed to take the babies out and the amazing thing is that they feed their babies while we can hand feed their babies too. One of these days I will make a movie for you all to see how amazing it is.