Topic 18 – In-Line Breeding

IN-LINE Breeding is breeding sibling or Brother/Sister or Parents/Children in Parrots.

Here are some very important points for good and healthy breeding.

We do not breed siblings, let me put it in other words, we do not breed from same clutch of babies or we do not breed brother/sister or parents/children, they’re just like us humans.

I have seen some people breed siblings and breed brother/sister together without too much danger but you can only go down one generation this is called in-line breeding, this is terrible and horrible.

They do not know that this is wrong and they are asking for trouble, it is not healthy the babies are born with disabilities example: blind, beak problems etc. I rescued birds and have rescued babies of-line breeding. I was told by the some breeders that they choose their own partners, yes they do, they do not know.

My personal experience that when some people keep all the bird in a big huge cage or aviary for example, Love birds they make babies like crazy or/and are baby machine.

Lovebird Mom and Dad, after the babies are old enough, they do not come across as parents any more, if you have adults and young ones together. They can attracts their own brothers or sisters and their parents, the only solution is to separate them and introduce them to different babies and adults.

There are people or breeders who would trade birds, also there are few Pet stores where you can trade them, store personal are so experienced that they can tell the gender of a parrot or you can do DNA at the store which you have to pay of course, one pet store which I recommend Central Pet in Scarborough who does a good job.

I have used example of lovebirds but it is for all parrots small, medium and large.

Let’s stop in-line breeding and stop disabilities and other issues.