Topic 17 – First Time Buyers

Purchasing a parrot for first time will change your life. If you’re not ready to make some changes then you’re probably not ready to purchase a parrot, just like when you welcome your new baby.

There are lots of things you will need to consider before making a decision of purchasing a parrot, this is my personal list before I purchased our first parrot and I recommend this to my family and friends.

1)Do I have room for a cage and play stand area?

2)Am I prepared to do daily cleaning of the cage, the play stand, and the surrounding areas?

3)Do I have the time to feed my parrot fresh fruit and vegetables?

4)Do I have time to spend quality time with my parrot?

5)Can my neighbors and I handle the noise generated by a parrot?

6)Can I afford the rescuing costs of owning and caring for a parrot?

7)Is there an Avian veterinarian in my area?

8)Do I have a Pet Sitter available for when I must travel?

After considering all the above points you will have to decide what type of bird you should buy. I will recommend for a first time buyers a smaller bird but if you do want a Parrot then go for a medium size Parrot for example: Conure family are beautiful and very funny parrots : Blue crown Conure they are the excellent talker: Senegal very beautiful, friendly excellent talker: and my favorite are Quaker parrots – beautiful, very friendly just like a teddy bear. Love them and very good talker or Indian ringneck very beautiful and very friendly. And excellent talkers too.

There are also other medium size parrots: our first Parrot was a Green Cheek parrot (Treasure). However you will have to go to different Pet Stores to get the information on a whole package. For example: Parrot, cage, accessories and food  then you decide what you really want. I can recommend my favorite Pet Store. Central Pet Inc. in Scarborough with excellent customer service.

Once you decide what Parrot you want you have to find a place to put your cage. Parrot Cage is their home and cannot be near drafty windows or doors or next to a high traffic area, it should be in a safe and quite place to sleep. If your parrot does not get enough sleep he will be very tired and cranky, and you want your parrot to be happy and healthy.

Very Important Note: your parrot will chirp every morning and evening at least for 15 minutes. That is a natural instinct and in the wild they call their flock. Since they are not in the wild they will call their family (you) please do not get upset or scream with them just be patient.

Once you get your parrot home. You will have to be patience with him. Everything will be new for him, he might try to bite you but it is ok few times, then he will be ok, just love him and take care of him by giving him fresh fruits and vegetables. Please do not give him apple and pear seeds, they are deadly for them. For info what to feed your Parrot go to my Topic 2.

Make sure the water is clean all the time. I clean my cage every evening. Take the fruits and veg out: put clean water and fresh pellets. I recommend pellets they are good for them but if someone puts them on a seed diet please make sure the seed bowl is fine. First time parrot owner do not realize that when a parrot eat his seeds all that is left in the seed bowl is shell that confuses the owner and lots of time I have seen that the Parrot will starve and even die because of that, cover the cage with a blanket so he can sleep.

When you get your Parrot you will have to spend lot of time with him, at least 1 hr. each day. I prefer you spend 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening interaction with your parrot because is very important. Your parrot in his cage by himself that is not interaction, you will have to one on time please, just love them and have fun. 

If you see your Parrot not feeling well then you’ll have to take your parrot to an Avian Vet please make sure it is an Avian Vet, always take your parrot in a carrier if not a cardboard box.

If you are going away or so you will need a sitter or a friend to look at your parrot, if you have to then try to introduce that person to your parrot slowly so when you are not there he will be used to the person otherwise he will be so stressed.