Topic 01 – Bird Breeding Tips

Noor’s Personal Topic 01-Bird Breeding Tips

Breeding is not easy, people think it is…

When you buy a Parrot Pair either from a Breeder or a Pet Store always ask are they related, if they are it is not a good BREEDING PAIR, otherwise you will end up with lots of issues and disabilities with babies, I rescue Parrots And Parrot Babies with issues and disabilities.

Questions to ask to yourself before you decided to Breed: 

Are you giving your Parrot Pair a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit, Vegetable and Vitamins.

Does your Parrot Pair have a good size cage to Breed.

Can you provide your Parrot Pair with a good space to Breed Example lots of space with sunlight, It Is a happy setup for Breeding your Parrot Pair.

Does your Parrot have good Breeding Box

Does your Parrot Pair Have Good Shaving in their Breeding Box.

Sometimes Parent Parrots do not want to feed their Babies, are you going to be Human Parents and Hand Feed the Babies.

Or are you letting your Parrot Parents raise their Babies.

I hope this information is good for you all



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