Vision Perch S01, M01, M02, L01 – Turquoise – 2 pieces


Ergonomically designed, Vision Perches feature a unique multi-grip surface that promotes foot circulation and helps prevent foot problems in birds. The perches are designed to be accessed from the exterior, a non-invasive approach that reduces stress on your bird during cage maintenance.

Installation is easy, simply insert the perch between two cage bars and rotate 90 degrees to lock in place. For use on cages with horizontal bars only.

Key Features :

  • For wire bar spacing of: 12.3 mm (0.48 in)
  • Fits Vision Models : S01, M01, M02, L01
  • Colour : Turquoise
  • Package of 2

Also available :

  • 83405 Vision Perch S01, M01, M02, L01, Olive
  • 83410 Vision Perch S01, M01, M02, L01, Orange
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