Nekton-Q (30g)NEKTON-Q supports the bird’s body in coping with the effects of medication treatments, particularly injection treatments with antibiotics and sulfonamides and above all, hemorrhaging in the organs and tissues of the animal’s body. NEKTON-Q encourages defense against infections by increasing antibody production, positively affecting the epithelial tissue, stabilizing circulation and improving blood clotting (particularly important with antibiotic treatments).

As an “epithelial protection vitamin”, vitamin A improves the functionality and infection defense of diverse cell structures as a result of increased antibody production. Vitamin E provides protection for the cell membranes, an orderly energy metabolism and an intact immune system. Vitamin K for maintaining the functionality of the blood clotting system. Other vitamins, trace elements and amino acids, which are very important for intermediate metabolic cycle, are included in a balanced proportion.

NEKTON-Q should only be used as needed in cases of illness. No other vitamin compound should be administered whilst using this. NEKTON-Q is soluble in water and is administered daily in drinking water, or mixed in with soft feed.

Due to its composition, NEKTON-Q should be administered to all birds that have an unbalanced blood count as a result of e.g. medication treatments or stressful situations. Also all birds that naturally have an increase vitamin K requirement (e.g. fig parrots). For supplying vitamins to all other animals, we recommend the proven multi-vitamin compound, NEKTON-S.

A green measuring spoon is attached to each bottle of NEKTON-Q. 1g of NEKTON-Q corresponds to one measuring spoon.

Feeding recommendation 1 g (= 1 measuring spoon) of NEKTON-Q in 250 ml water or 100 g soft food.

Storage: NEKTON-Q should be stored dry and out of sunlight, between 15° and 25°C.

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