Harrison’s power treats Bird Food 1lb #786HPT1


Birds, birds, birds
All 4 of my birds love this pellet. They are fussy!!
I soak these a little in lukewarm water and mix them with apple/broccoli and Harrisons HP Mash… its the bomb! ;
– Custodio dAvo, INT
Saved my birds life
Power treats and fauna flora has changed my cockatiel from a sickly fluffed bird sitting on the bottom of his cage to a happy healthy bird. He loves the taste. I mix it with the high potency mash.
– Bonnie Nunley, TN
My African Greys favorite.
My African Grey Chiku demands Harrisons power treats. Were her 4th and forever owners who adopted her from The Gabriel Foundation in Denver 8 years ago. Being a lifetime feather-picker, her body requires an ongoing intake of nutritious foods and thats why we feed her Harrisons High Potency and Power Treat coarse-size pellets, our avian vet tells us tells us shes very healthy, despite her picking habit. This bird yells at us if we let her bowls run low!
jane, NJ
These must really taste great. Both my African grays just love them.
Jane Donato
Great for my cockies and parrots.
Have been feeding to my cockatiels, Amazon and African Grey for many years. They all love it.
Hi, I have used the POWER TREATS for years, and I think my birds LOVE it. In the morning they have fruit and vegetables, in the evening they have their treat and other Harrison products. They are the best. My birds have the best color, and are happy and healthy birds.
– Joy Taber, TX
Bird Loves them
My african grey eats these readily and gets excited when I open the bag
– Trsh, PA
Moses, my African Grey, loves these
Moses is a rescue that came to me with a feather plucking problem. He had very dry skin. One time he plucked himself all the way down to his feet. He looked like he had elephant skin on his legs. Kept a humidifier on him 7/24. Tried not to use the a/c in the summer so all the good humidity would help him. Gave him these pellets – just 3/4 per day & within 2 weeks he stopped plucking!!! My other grey wont touch them but he wont eat regular Harrisons either.
– Cathy Lauder, CT
My bird would eat this and nothing else
Thank you Harrisons for making Power Treats, which my birds actually love more than seeds! I have an Amazon and a parakeet. The Amazon goes crazy for Power Treats and the parakeet is doing great on High Potency Fine Size. We switched the parakeet using Bird Bread. It took one week and that was it! The Amazon eats High Potency and Power Treats along with diced greens. He mostly ignores the greens anyway.
Paula Penn
Ceasar says
My parrot loves power treats. I give him a about 10 per week as a special treat. He gets excited when he sees them coming and puts on a happy little shadow-box dance for me. Ive been using Harrisons food for close to ten years and my parrot is always happy and healthy.
– Debra, MT