Exo Terra Dual Receptacle Thermostat, 600W


Dimming & Pulse Proportional function controls terrarium temperatures very accurately

Daytime and night-time temperature can be set individually

From 10°C ~ 60°C

Easy-to-read LCD screen shows actual and set temperature

Red LED and heating symbol will indicate when heating device is ON

Push button/dial system to avoid accidental setting or tampering

Waterproof remote temperature probe

Controls heating devices up to 300W per socket


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With the Exo Terra 600W Thermostat with Day/Night Timer & Dual Receptacles you can create a well-controlled 24-hour heating system that allows you to maintain the required temperature conditions similar to those found in a desert or tropical environment.

Both the daytime and nighttime temperatures can be set and controlled individually to guarantee safe daytime-nighttime temperature fluctuations for your reptiles.

The Dual Receptacles allow you to control 2 separate heating devices, 1 during daytime, 1 during night-time (for instance: 1 incandescent heat bulb during daytime & 1 Heat Mat during night-time). The Thermostat will also help to prevent overheating and undercooling during hot summer days or cold winter nights.

The Dimming & Pulse Proportional function keeps the temperature at the desired set-point with a much higher accuracy than conventional thermostats and virtually eliminates temperature swings in the terrarium.


The easy-to-read LCD screen shows heating mode, day or night mode and actual & set temperature.
Red LED and a heating symbol will indicate when the heating device is powered. Once the set temperature is reached, the LED will switch to Blue and the heating symbol will no longer show.

Simply connect your Heat Mat, Heat Cable, Ceramic Heater or Incandescent Heat Bulb to the Exo Terra Day/Night Thermostat, set the preferred daytime and nighttime temperatures and place the heat sensor in the desired spot.