0 Hari Avian Light Bulb 26W


In nature, having a UV receptor may give a bird an advantage when foraging for food; UV reflectance and absorption by different fruits may advertise their presence. Females are attracted to males that show their brightest UV reflectance, so having UV vision can serve as a useful indicator of the health of a mate. Help your bird see more with the HARI Avian Light. It benefits the 4-cone receptors in avian vision to detect a broader palate of colours and perceive UV colours invisible to the human eye. UVA enhances a bird’s perception of its indoor environment to simulate nature. It stimulates appetite, encourages foraging and food recognition, motivates mating and can reduce psychological behaviours such as feather plucking. UVB facilitates assimilation of vitamin D3 for optimal calcium absorption.


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Brand HARI
Vendor Code 85000
Wattage 25 Watts
Barcode 080605850002

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