Topic 06 – Sexing In Birds

Sexing in Parrots is called DNA sexing is necessary to determine your bird’s gender (male or female).


2)PELVIC CHECK (old fashion way)

DNA sexing is not very costly and can be pretty valuable to the owner. DNA testing can be done on your own through many labs that will send you the “blood drop” cards upon request.

There are two ways of doing:

1)DNA can be done by plucked feather of the chest (personally I do not like plucked feathers).

2)Blood drop: you can get the blood with a nail clipping just a few drops for the collection card.

You mail it out with your payment and in anywhere from 1 to  3 weeks – you know for sure!

Personally I have done my entire DNA sexing of my parrots with HEALTH GENE.


Near a parrot’s vent is the “ends” of the pelvic bones. It is sometimes true that the pelvic bones of the male are closer together and the female have wider since the female has to allow for the passage of an egg. Personally I prefer DNA but pelvic check is ok too my sensei (tutor) taught me how to do the pelvic check different ways very well.